ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standard 14000

Zippy is a leader in providing trusted power supply products and solutions, we offer comprehensive system integration, hardware, customer-centric design services, and global logistics support. For sustainable development of our company, we are committed to protect the earth by reducing carbon and continuously do the improvement to achieve best environmental performance. And hope that by fulfilling these plans, we can make a contribution to the earth's environment and ecology.

For the effective control of the impacts from company's activities, products and services on the environment, Zippy’s Power Division starts building ISO14000 international environmental management system from November 2011. Consisting of Environmental Management Commission to promote and implement the system of environmental protection measures, the implementation of prevention and control of environmental pollution.

Zippy since its inception in April 1983, has always been to uphold the quality of the company's operating principles as important for product reliability and safety. We have fruitful results for many domestic and foreign patents, and access to technology leadership in the industry. Given the combination of product and environmental protection for the future development trend of global enterprises, in 2007 Zippy’s Power Division production plant completed QC080000 certification for waste reduction and energy conservation. We create many training programs for all the staffs to establish the concepts of recycling resource and reducing hazardous waste, and finding non-toxic, non-polluting alternatives.