Our power division is particularly well known for manufacturing highly reliable and high-power redundant power supplies with outstanding quality. More than 30 professional engineers devote themselves to design and develop products with the latest equipment and testing tools. Our expertise and experience allow us to reduce the time to market for new designs, achieving lead times three to six months faster than our competitors.

Core Technology

Passive Backplane Design
Many redundant systems utilize passive backplanes, where the components on the backplane perform monitoring and voltage compensation functions only. In the rare event of backplane failure, it is likely the supply will continue to operate.


Modular Technology
Modular power supply units provide great flexibility in space challenged applications, when designed into today’s common and custom server chassis designs.

Load Sharing
Our redundant Power Supplies are all based on load sharing technology, which help to provide more reliable operation and a longer life for each individual module.


True Wattage
Our power supplies are designed to work at 100% of their specified load, indefinitely, over their lifetime. Unlike other manufacturers who often specify peak wattage which is only available in short bursts.