R & D

Zippy EC team dedicates in researching and developing high performance switches and owns more than 155 worldwide micro switch patents. Besides holding the essential technology of manufacturing IP67 waterproof switches to market and high rating and long life than other switch competitor’s. Zippy has broadened our service into OBM / ODM for many years, and we are extending our product lines to customize home appliances, special industry and automotive switch modules field in order to competitive of our products.

R&D equipment
Drafting Software:
Auto Cad, Pro-E,

Professional grade measurement equipment:
Projector, Optical, Microscope, elasticity tester, tension meter, micrometer, height meter, calibrators, and Torque meter.

Verification equipment: such as:
UL approved Testing Simulators: including loading, various kind of resistors, inductors, motors, lamps, and power supplies. In addition to the self- developed Life of Equipment Testing System.

Environmental simulator equipment:
CTCH equipment, Cold - Hot attack equipment, Vibration tester, HI - temperature oven, Dust proof – Water proof testing system, Salt spray testing system, Tin Oven, Static testing equipment. Re-soldering oven etc.

Other tesung equipment:
MicroOhm meter, Safety Code verification equipment, Friction Tester, Temperature recorder, and Acid-Alkaline examiner etc.

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